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Accurate, professional & the best prices in town!

Most of our competitors are national companies. We are locally owned and operated so we don’t need to pay a subcontractor to collect samples for us.

We cut out the middleman saving you money!

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We offer traditional paternity testing using the alleged father’s DNA to more complicated cases using the grandparents, uncles, sibling’s or other relatives DNA.

We can also utilize DNA from non-standard sources like Q-tips, sheets, tooth brush etc.
(For personal /non-legal testing)

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Quick Results

Results are received in 2-4 business days after lab receives sample. We overnight all samples at no extra cost.

Most of the time you receive the results in 3 to 4 business days.

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All DNA collections performed by an experienced Collector in a private, professional setting using an AABB Accredited lab.

We provide Legal and Non-Legal DNA testing services. We also offer prenatal and immigration DNA testing.