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Non-Standard DNA Samples

Non-Standard Samples

If you are unable to submit a standard sample, we have had success in obtaining DNA from various sources.
You do run the risk, however, of the non-standard sample failing for unexplained reasons. Consult the list for ideas below of what you can send.

Submit a Standard Sample If Possible

Our tests are normally performed using two standard mouth-swabbed samples. Not only is this the easiest way to collect, there’s also a higher chance of collecting a good sample.

Choose the best sample

When considering a non-standard sample, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Each additional Non-Standard sample increases the price of your test by $75.
  • If there is no usable DNA on the item, to resend another non-standard sample will cost $149. That includes $79 for the non-standard sample, a $50 fee for replacing the sample and $20 for over-night shipping.
  • Choose the best possible sample the first time. If you have multiple non-standard samples, only send the one(s) you want processed.

Non-Standard Sample Examples

Amniotic FluidBand-Aid (Used)Chewing GumCigarette Butt
CondomCups / BottlesDental FlossEarwax (Q-tip)
Electric RazorFeminine Hygiene ProductToothbrushFingernails
Hair (With Root)Hat (Well Worn)PacifierRazor
TissueEnvelope / StampToothpickUnderwear
Note: Although the items listed are good examples, a usable DNA sample from a non-standard item cannot be guaranteed.